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What Damage Can Mice Do to Your Home?

The destructive capacity of mice is the stuff of legends. Time and again, we hear stories of the destruction of delicate items, many of which are valuable.

Although they are relatively easy to be rid of, they're still a serious bother once one uses the proper methodology, they’re still a serious bother.

In the home, mice can wreak significant havoc if allowed to breed and fester.

You’d be surprised at just how bad it can get. Let’s check out the extent to which this damage can get.

Structural damage

Mice can damage physical structures by building nests and gnawing through the drywall. Inside the home, they can cause severe damage to the insulation inside the attics and walls. This damage is especially typical in apartment buildings and homes.

Electrical damage

In addition, the damage will often affect critical installations like wiring and electrical appliances. For both, they will gnaw through the insulation and chew the wires, leaving you at risk of domestic hazards like fire. In addition, you could get short circuits.

Damage to books and documents

Other items that are damaged by the activities of mice include books and other delicate articles, documents, and equipment stored in the garage, basement, or attic.

Even if they aren’t in storage in these rooms, mice can still damage the book on the shelves in the living room. They wait until everywhere is quiet, or your entire household is deep asleep, to come outside and wreak havoc.


Mice eat an awful lot, often as much as twenty times per day. From their nests, they go forth and raid your rooms for anything chewable.

Because they eat so much, there’s a preference for nest-building in areas close to the food source, such as the kitchen or the garbage bin. They then proceed to do damage, destroying your raw food items and making them impossible to consume.

Disease vectors

Mice are vectors of different diseases, spreading illness and disease everywhere they go. And, mice are no exception.

It’s not ideal to have them in the house, as they constitute a major health risk to you and the members of your family.

Damage to pets and livestock

In the countryside, mice can wreak even more havoc. If you have livestock and pets in the house, you can be sure that there will be trouble.

Mice can feed on pet foods and stored raw food items, chewing through sacks of grain and contaminating food with hair, droppings and urine.

When your pets eat the contaminated food, they may fall sick, and you’ll have to spend extra money at the vet’s to get them healthy again.

Landscape damage

The natural elements of your landscape are at serious risk of destruction if you have a mice infestation in the house. They eat cucumbers, beans, tomates, fruit and other fresh vegetables.

Even the bark of young trees are not safe, as the mice damage crops before they are ready for harvest.

Don’t wait another day for mice to wreak havoc on your home. Let Another Problem Solved remove them and stop them from causing you any more trouble in the future! Contact us today!

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