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Squirrel damage just like any other rodent is not good for buildings or houses. Squirrels are constantly chewing, and since their teeth are always growing, they have a desire to chomp at hard objects to maintain their sharp and trim. That is why, you will often see a squirrel munching on bark, wood or sticks in the park or forest.

Unfortunately, if you have a squirrel infestation in your attic you need to call Another Problem Solved immediately because they are likely to chew on anything that they can get a hold of. This includes your electrical wiring, wooden beams and anything else in their vicinity. This kind of damage is not good for buildings. If there is extensive depletion of your homes structural beams, it could easily result in the collapse of your roofs and walls. When squirrels chew through your electrical wires, it’s a potential fire hazard that could burn down your house.

Grey Squirrel
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