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One of the most common issues that people contact wildlife removal professionals about is having flying squirrels in attic. Although many people see these animals as cute, they can become a problem very quickly if left unchecked in an attic area. some of the most common complaints include:

  • Large colonies in the attic that cause odors because of their droppings.

  • Staining walls and ceilings because of their urine.

  • Making a lot of noise at night due to their nocturnal nature.

  • Destructive behavior like chewing on wires and wood.

  • Causing permanent damage to insulation.

  • Damaging gardens and raiding bird feeders.

  • Digging in lawn areas, often leaving unsightly holes.

  • Chewing the bark off trees, resulting in the damage or death of the trees.

  • Transmitting diseases like typhus and, less commonly, rabies

Flying Squirrel
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