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Common Pests That Can Wreck Your HVAC System in Atlanta, GA

Nobody likes pests. But during the different seasons of the year, they are always searching for comfy places to stay in the home.

Unfortunately, your HVAC system provides that dark and cool environment that’s perfect for them all season.

Here in Atlanta, GA, the most common pests that can damage your HVAC system are:


Mice wreak significant havoc in HVAC units by using duct materials to create nests.

While nesting, they defecate and bring in food items, which rot eventually, causing air quality issues in your home and various health issues.

Mice also chew HVAC components such as sealant, refrigerant lines, etc., and can trigger an electrical fire.


Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and will naturally love the cool and dark environment an HVAC system offers.

They can also easily squeeze their way through the tiniest cracks in your HVAC system. While they won’t cause significant damage to your HVAC unit, they spread diseases and generate a lot of noise as they walk around.


Snakes are warm-blooded creatures seeking warm places in the cold winter and cooler spots during the summer.

So they find ways to maneuver their way into your HVAC unit through tiny openings, often nesting and breeding young ones.

Snakes coil themselves in the AC condenser and are killed by the fan’s blade when you turn on your AC. Depending on the size of the snake, your condenser fan could break.


Attracted to the electrical field of the condenser, these pesky insects seek shelter in the cozy and comfortable space of the condenser unit.

They squeeze themselves through tiny openings, causing malfunction and even complete breakdown of your HVAC system.


Raccoons are always looking for a comfortable place to call home. So they’ll burrow their way into your HVAC unit and cause severe damage to your HVAC unit. You’ll often hear them as they walk inside the HVAC system.

Some of the issues they can cause include electrical problems and blockage of air circulation. Raccoons also chew through the ductwork, leading to holes and increased energy bills.

Get Pests Out of Your HVAC System

When pests get into your HVAC system, it’s a BAD idea to use pesticides. They are toxic and can circulate into your home, causing health issues to you and your pets.

The safest and most effective thing to do is to enlist the help of an Atlanta pest removal company like Another Problem Solved. We’ll inspect your HVAC system, identify the pests that have made it their home, and eliminate the problem!

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