Rodent/Wildlife Photos: 

Squirrel climbing the side of a house. 

Evidence of squirrels chewing into the facia board to enter into the attic.

This entry was sealed with Galvanized steel to prevent reentry. 



(1) Open soffit like this makes for an easy entry for squirrels, rats, and other wildlife. 

(2) Soffit is sealed with galvanized steel, and then painted to blend into the home. 

Some entry points for rats, and mice can be harder to find. Here is an example of a small entry underneath the siding. 

This entry was sealed with rodent proof foam, and metal screen.

(1) Soffit damage from squirrels nesting in them. 

Repaired by replacing wood soffit, after sealing home.

(2) This is a corner inside an attic. Squirrels had chewed their way through.

Outside was sealed with metal, and hole was sealed with rodent proof foam, and metal screen.



(1) Rats chewing through PVC pipes, which were replaced. 

(2) Rats chewing into wires. 

When squirrels chew into the fascia board they make a good size hole for entry. In most cases an excluder 



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